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Everyone in the neighborhood knew about it, some made fun of me, but this one girl about 15, that everyone was scared of, found out and held me down, sucked me hard, and rode me until she got tired of cuming.

She challenged me to a fight one summer day and of course had me pinned in no time.

She said she was aware and embarrassed that her verbal and bodily reactions(shaking and arching) were happening, but she couldn't help it. she said she walked around in a daze for weeks, and everyone acted like nothing happened...horrible.

She later had a husband that beat her regularly and screwed her 2 - 3 times a day.

If a large woman happens to be way bigger and stronger than he is, no matter how much he towers over her, he will not be strong enough to stop her.

Rape is unlawful, forceable sexual assault on an unwilling victim and that includes forceable sexual assault by a female on an unwilling male.

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